90-Day Yakuza Transformation

Train, Think, Eat, and Look like a Yakuza.

Movest Mastery ultimate one-on-one Program

From Zero to Legend.

The ultimate transformation program, get one-on-one coaching with Sebastian, who will take you from where you are and elaborate a detailed plan to achieve your Yakuza Transformation. 

This is a customized program tailored for each person. You will incorporate a 90-day action plan that will evolve the way you think, train, eat, and look.

About Moveset Mastery Founder

Sebastian is mostly known for his Yakuza Real-Life Movesets.

 With a decade of experience and knowledge in different martial arts, he performed the iconic Yakuza Movesets from the Yakuza video game series, in the Real-Life format.

 With a passion for games, fitness, and martial arts. He created Moveset Mastery to help gamers self-improve through fitness and martial arts.

 Using a video game-based approach, he aims to guide gamers towards better habits like physical training, healthy eating, or exposure to sun and nature.

What does the Program Provide?

You´ll get a 12 week step-by-step comprehensive plan to follow that Includes consistent support and weekly feedback from Sebastian.

Custom Training Plan & Schedule.

Custom Diet Plan.

Custom Image Consulting Plan.

Custom Plan to find a sport or martial art according to your goals fitness/Martial Art goals.

Consistent support & personalized feedback.

Custom Roadmap on how to follow every step of the transformation.

Weekly video calls for accountability.

Q&A weekly with Sebastian.

Daily and constant follow-ups via direct messages.

Have the possibility to train a particular Fighting Style from the Yakuza series with Sebastian.

We can only work with a hand full of people, and there are limited places. This program won´t be for everyone and not everyone will qualify to get into the Yakuza Transformation Program. To qualify for our Yakuza Transformation Program, you must fill out the application form below.

Only if you want to become strong

You can leverage your video game passion, and each hour you spend playing into actual muscle, skills, and real-life money.

Learn it from Sebastian. For free.

Program Testimonials

"I was feeling unmotivated and frustrated most days, not working out at all, and just feeling disappointed with my health and body. But I came across Sebastian's channel and whenever I watched him, it hit me with tremendous motivation to start training and get a stronger body. I knew when he interviewed me for the program, that this was my opportunity to use my passion for the games to improve myself in all the areas the program offers. And we did that, I gained 5kg doing martial arts and weights, and I had the amazing opportunity to learn the Agent Style from the LAD Gaiden game. Both his LUFI and SMT systems got me insane consistency and mental fortitude, and I know that these methods will forever stay closer to my heart, and I´m confident that I can keep improving my physique, and martial art skills even further."
-Franco. T
Activity: Gym & Taekwondo
"The reason why I started training Muay Thai was because of the Yakuza games, and Moveset Mastery provided me with a whole new understanding on how to use video games to actually make improvements in my own personal life. The systems and accountability that Sebastian gives you make it almost impossible to fail workouts.
The way Sebastian guides you through the weightlifting program and the martial arts schedule was a bit demanding at first, but later I understood that it was mostly about training my consistency, and then I just switched on and did it regardless of how I felt about it on any specific day. I Absolutely recommend this 90 day program, both for non martial artists, and people that are already into martial arts."
-Johan. S
Activity: Muay Thai
"Sebastian adapted my workload to my busy schedule, and we still managed to do training every day without fail! I´m really fulfilled by what we accomplished and I could recommend this program enough! If I could inspire someone else, I would tell you; that it´s never too late to start taking care of your health, body, and mind. And Sebastian provides a gamified way to do fitness that it´s just impossible to get bored!
I now know that training and improving yourself physically can be fun and easy and I will probably carry and use this framework forever, as at my age, you need to be more concerned with your health, and you notice how much difference exercise makes in your health. I feel that what Moveset Mastery offers has incalculable value both upfront and long term. We will keep working together and I can't wait to improve even further! Thank you Seba!"
-Gustav. T
Activity: Gym