90-Day Yakuza Transformation

Train, Think, Eat, and Look like a Real-Life Yakuza.


Movest Mastery ultimate one-on-one Program

From Zero to Legend.

The ultimate transformation program, get one-on-one coaching with Sebastian, who will take you from where you are and elaborate a detailed plan to achieve your Yakuza Transformation. 

This is a customized program tailored for each person. You will incorporate a 90-day action plan that will evolve the way you think, train, eat, and look.

About Moveset Mastery Founder

Sebastian is mostly known for his Yakuza Real-Life Movesets.

With a decade of experience and knowledge in different martial arts, he performed the never seen iconic Yakuza Movesets from the Yakuza video game series, in the Real-Life format.

What does the Program Provide?

You´ll get a 12 week step-by-step comprehensive plan to follow that Includes consistent support and weekly feedback from Sebastian.

Custom Training Plan & Schedule.

Custom Diet Plan.

Custom Image Consulting Plan.

Custom Plan to find a sport or martial art according to your goals fitness/Martial Art goals.

Consistent support & personalized feedback.

Custom Roadmap on how to follow every step of the transformation.

Weekly video calls for accountability.

Q&A weekly with Sebastian.

Daily and constant follow-ups via direct messages.

Have the possibility to train a particular Fighting Style from the Yakuza series with Sebastian.

Get extra access to all +7 of Moveset Mastery Courses.

We can only work with a hand full of people, and there are limited places. This program won´t be for everyone and not everyone will qualify to get into the Yakuza Transformation Program. To qualify for our Yakuza Transformation Program, you must fill out the application form below.