How to become a Yakuza: Master 8 Secret Mindset Fundamentals

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How the course works:

The Yakuza Mindset and Motivation course has the never before seen fundamentals of what a “Yakuza” REALLY is.

This is the most essential piece of information that is GUARANTEED to change your life, and how you think and operate in your own life.

We´ll set your mindset RIGHT and get you UNLIMITED authentic motivation with the ultimate Yakuza Mindset and Motivation course.

Whatever you want to start training martial arts, working on a new project, or business. These Yakuza principles will enhance your mindset and discipline to become THE BEST at whatever you do.

Your transformation to a Yakuza starts now.

Let´s go.

Course Structure:

-Introduction: What is a “Yakuza”?

  1. Fundamental 1: Devotion.
  2. Fundamental 2: Commitment.
  3. Fundamental 3: Understanding Hierarchy.
  4. Fundamental 4: Self-Confidence.
  5. Fundamental 5: The importance of a Father figure/Role Model.
  6. Fundamental 6: Investment.
  7. Fundamental 7: The fear antidote.
  8. Fundamental 8: Pain and improvement.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Yakuza Transformation Courses?

Whatever goal you have, these courses will give you all the fundamentals that you need in order to start training martial arts, training at a gym, start a business, or improving on any area of your life.

Be for mindset, motivation, nutrition, or maxing every aspect of how you look, from your body, haircut, and clothes. Every course will give you the exact tools you need to apply to your own life.

Are the Yakuza Fighting Styles hard to learn?

Most of the styles are physically demanding. Getting good at it will take a lot of training and effort. There is not easy way to get good at it. 

If you´re a beginner the courses have different levels of complexity, so you can still train towards mastery at your own pace while still training hard and getting technical and physical improvements.

Do I need any equipment?

No, you only need a space to train, and yourself. You can either dowload the courses you buy to your device of preference, or even better, look them up on your user account and get access to a comment section where people exchange questions and information.

What course should I take first?

I recommend you to start with the Yakuza Mindset Course.

Later for training I suggest to start with the Brawler Fighting Style Course. That´s the best one to start, as it has all the basics and fundamentals of most Yakuza techniques and exercises.

How do I schedule training the Fighting Styles?

You can train one course 3 times per week. And you can also crosstrain between them and make your own custom week of training. For example;

1) Monday: Brawler Style Course

2) Wednesday: Rush Style Course

3) Saturday: Thug Style Course

You can recover in between those days if you´re a beginner, if you´re advanced. You can add more days of training.

How can I pay for the courses?

You can pay any courses via Paypal. If you want to pay any courses with cryptocurrency (BTC,ETH,USDT) send and email at [email protected] requesting your courses.

What if need more help on a specific topic?

If you feel you need more assistance with certain topics, you can drop a comment on the exact Fighting Style Course, or send me an e-mail directly, and I´ll be happy to get back to as soon as possible.

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